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Just the other day I was looking over old blog posts from Future, partly because of game-related advice and partly because the guy is a great writer and a damn near genius. I stumbled across an article that got me thinking pretty deeply. It’s not going to get you all the super models, it’s not a magic potion to eliminate your approach anxiety, but it IS something that is useful in game, lifestyle, and overall happiness.

I see countless posts on The Attraction Forums asking for hobbies to improve your pickup, attractive things to do, or other variations of the sort. And while I can give you a list of a thousand things that would make you look like a badass, the most simplistic answer, and the main point of Future’s article, is to get rid of your boredom!



That’s right. That’s it.


Fill your time with stuff you enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it’s nerdy or not — it’s only something that can be interpreted as something stupid IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT IS. Don’t let the activity define how cool something is, but instead relate the reason why you do that thing.


Try new things. If you don’t have enough things to do, it’s not hard to find a class or group that’s doing something interesting near by. I don’t care where you live or who you are, there’s some cool ass shit going on in your town, you just have to put in the tiniest bit of effort to find out what it is you want to do and where it’s happening.


Don’t let me fool you though. Not everything you do to occupy your time has to be the adrenaline pumping, kick ass story ever. Learn to enjoy the little things: reading a book, watching a movie, writing, playing an instrument — it’s all stuff of value, yet we get caught up in the mundane-ness of it sometimes and mistake things that we have to put work in to (like fitness or learning an instrument) as a chore instead of something you enjoy doing. I couldn’t tell you the joy I’ve received in my life from Will Farrel, Zoolander, or East Bound and Down quotes (and many others). Pop-culture quotes in general can spark a conversation and a connection between two almost strangers in a way that you’d be surprised to see, yet it all comes down to actually doing something interactive (even if it is something as simple as watching a T.V. Show instead of having it as background noise).


So I end this with an excerpt from Future’s article:

“You are going to die one day! Every second you get to be the best you you can be. You’re bored? You’re not scared enough. Give away your money or jump out of a plane. If you’re bored, you’re naive.

There’s always something else to learn.

There’s always something else to win.

There’s always someone else to know.

When you shut down your options in any given moment it is because you have grown fat and happy on the satisfaction of an easy life.


If you’re bored, it’s your own damned fault.”