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Review of Cajun’s Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating

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Cajun’s Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating conquers all PUA online game material I’ve read. There seems to be a new tip on profiles, messages or site on each page. I’ve probably learned more new stuff from this book than other products because nobody has covered online game before.


Cajun outlines a system from how to set up your profile to how to ask her out. Obviously you can expect there to be sections like “Profile Pictures” and “About Me” write-ups, but the real gems are the examples Cajun gives AND the description of how to personalize them. This is key in my mind.
You get box-by-box advice of how to setup your profile, what to include and what to definitely avoid. (It’s funny how that one little tweak to your profile can get you exponential gains.) He also outlines the major difference between boring profiles and ones girls message.

With that, there is a plethora of message logs included, all real examples of what’s worked for Cajun before. He also includes chat logs of instant messages, which is a nice way of showing the subtle differences of chatting in real time versus over message.

There is also a two-page cheat sheet of extra tips that add some nice icing to your online game.

Tenmagnet drops in a nice chapter on the lost art of phone game. Everybody has become so concerned with texting in the past couple of years that there hasn’t been much said about phone game, a necessity, recently. This guy was my original mentor and I can tell you there is NOBODY better on the phone than him. He gives the what to say, when to call, how to ask her out info you need. A must read.

Keychain also has a nice quick start guide so you can get your profile going and get some dates as you improve it with Cajun’s advice.

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