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PUA Qualification


What is it?

The textbook definition of PUA Qualification that sums it up best: Telling a woman you like her for reasons other than her looks.

What does it do?

Interestingly, PUA Qualification doesn’t just tick off one thing. It achieves a myriad of objectives such as solidifying your attraction, validating her and increasing compliance to name a few. PUA Qualification conveys that you are a sexual selector and, as Mr M says, marks the platonic to personal escalation taking place in the interaction. The psychology behind a lot of what we do in game explains why qualification is so crucial and powerful. For example, why is teasing so conducive for attraction? People are generally comfortably teasing people who possess equal or lower social status to them (ie you’re not intimidated by her). Therefore, we only QUALIFY to (or comply with) those whose social status is equal to, or above our own.

The old wisdom is that attraction comes first, then qualification second. However attraction blends into qualification a little more than most guys realize. We’ll talk about hoops in a moment, but you don’t need much requisite value to pull off a small hoop, thus the qualification process can begin immediately in some situations. As this builds, the compliance will actually increase your attraction since she will rationalize that qualifying herself to you must mean that you are someone with high value (otherwise why would she qualify herself?)

How do you do PUA Qualication?

A small hoop requires little to virtually no effort from the girl, so questions like “Can you cook?” or “Are you a good friend?” fall into this category. As your value increases, you can get away with larger hoops that require more compliance. Large hoops such as “What are three qualities that would make me want to stay and talk to you?” or “What would you be if you could be anything in the world and you knew you couldn’t fail?” allow you to reward her investment and build a deeper connection.

Some ways to qualify:

Bait, Hook, Reel, Release (Baiting her for compliance, validating her investment and then a push/ tease)

For example: “Are you adventurous? Cool, I like adventurous girls, too bad you’re such a dork”

Asking her (Simply asking her if she is/ has a quality that you want)


For example: “Are you creative? That’s cool, I like that.”

Statement of Interest (Telling her that you like something about her)

For example: “You know what I like about you? The way you walked away from your friends like that, I can tell you’re independent. I like that”

Dirty compliance (Framing her as something because you know she will qualify herself as the opposite)




For example: “You’re high maintenance aren’t you? I can already tell”

Playful qualifiers (These don’t actually tell you anything about her, but they are a funny way to achieve the same sub-conscious frame that she is qualifying to you)


For example: “Are you rich?” or “Do you have a big TV?”

Negative emotion (This one is interesting. The key here is her feeling the fear of loss, or that if she messes up the answer she may lose your interest)

For example: “Let’s say we’re dating and 6 months down the track I realize you’re not the one for me… What did I find out?” Again, her answer isn’t as important as her investment and how much effort she puts into the answer

How many of these have you played with? Next time you go out, write down 5 things you want in a girlfriend, and 5 things that would be deal breakers for you. Play around with different ways to qualify because this is the crucial phase that can determine whether you get the girl or not. If your qualification isn’t tight, you’ll see flakey numbers, LMR if you do take her home or she’ll just think you’re a player. Get it right and you’ll build a genuine connection with a beautiful woman who doesn’t experience that too often, and that’s when good things happen.