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The Best PUA DATE! Advice – The Complete Home Study Course

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The release of a PUA Date product has been a long time coming. I’m glad to say that LoveSystems has finally released one called DATE! The Complete Home Study Course.

The cool part about this course is that it is a not just an e-book. You’re getting a workbook, companion audios AND 3 textbooks that all work together so you can teach yourself at home. The exercises included in these materials also allow you to target specific areas of your date game.




Textbook 1 – Fundamentals

  • Quick Start Guide – A system you can refer to if you have a date TONIGHT
  • Fallacies of Dates – If you believe any of these it may be the reason you aren’t closing more often
  • Setting Up The Date – Making an initial plan for success so the date does the work for you
  • Types Of Dates – Proven frameworks for dates so that your dates end successfully and you’re not panicking to plan them

Textbook 2 – Date Preparation

  • Fashion And Grooming Advice – Learn what clothes work together and what don’t, also slick grooming tips
  • Date Planning – What to do at each location, when to move, when to physically escalate
  • Selling The Date – Knowing how to ask her out and when to ask her so you don’t get rejected

Textbook 3 – On The Date

  • Talking, Touching, Kissing – Real examples that have worked for instructors. What to talk about to get her in a sexual state, when and when NOT to touch, and tons of ways to get a kiss (given step by step)
  • Mentalities Of A Closer – Inner game look at the guys who close on dates and the guys who don’t. If you’re not closing consistently you should probably read this.
  • End Game – How to overcome last minute resistance to sex and how to get her into the bedroom

Student Workbook

  • 44 exercises that work in unison with the book. Everything from how to balance multiple girls to learning how to qualify properly. Also, you can dissect your old dates through some of these exercises so you don’t make the same mistakes next time (or don’t take 3 dates to close next time).
  • Allows you to work on specific skills mentioned in the textbooks. If you have sticking points, this book will solve them.

Audio Interviews with Instructors

  • All the goods of a Mr M, Nick_Hoss and Vercetti PUA date are included here. The boys talk about dates they’ve been on, how they set them up and what (almost evil) tactics they use to consistently sleep with girls on the first or second date.
  • Tricks and secrets that are only taught on bootcamps or found in the (LoveSystems) date section of the Lounge.
  • The inner game secrets and what runs through an instructor’s head when he’s on a date. How he overcomes rejections before they start and how he gets the girl chasing him. (These tips are amazing!)

Audio with female best-selling dating author and a Playboy Playmate

  • Everything you need from a woman’s perspective on dates. Find out what is going through her mind when she is getting ready for a date and what she expects. Most PUA date advice focuses on the male side. LoveSystems date advice focuses on both.
  • What it takes to date a girl who is in Playboy. How you do and do not treat her differently, what she goes through when dating a guy, and how to set up a date with a girl like her.



Braddock’s Infield Audio from the LoveSystems Super_Conference

  • Braddock, in set, with a really hot blonde from Arizona – anybody who was at the 2011 LoveSystems Super_Conference will know that this is a very legit video of a typical instructor night game set. There is a lot of amazing lines in here, AND you get to hear how he delivers them. Seriously, I know guys that would kill to have material like this and that is why we only show it at the SC.

Darwin’s Infield Video Footage Of A Day Game Pick Up And Insta-Date

  • See a day-game pick up by an instructor and how he turns that into a date right on the street. He doesn’t even have to worry about getting her phone number since he’s already got her on a day. It’s killer.
  • Savoy gives a commentary with this video so you know you’re getting the best advice in the business. It’s like having a personal coach along for the day.

A Copy Of The Special 2-Hour Conference Call With Savoy and Author Nick_Hoss

  • All questions and answers with company founder and president Savoy and current #1 instructor and DATE! The Complete Home Study Course author Nick_Hoss – These are all student submitted questions that come from their PUA date experience. Hoss answers them on the spot and Savoy follows up. Two hours of content like this could easily go for $200.
  • A FREE direct game e-book from veteran instructor, Farmer, one of the original direct gamers out there. This guys is so under the radar, but you get 45 pages of how to use direct openers and every little piece of advice that comes with it. If you’re a day-game guy who is obviously going for dates, this is an ideal compliment to your arsenal.



What I like

This course is designed for guys who are beginners and just starting to get dates, intermediates who are getting a lot of dates but aren’t closing as ofter or as quickly as they’d like, or for advanced guys who really want to push the envelope and be closing on first dates so they can save time. I haven’t seen a product yet that takes into account everybody. This one does. Some guys learn better through reading, other guys through practical application, and other guys don’t have the time for either so they’d rather listen to an audio. This PUA Date course offers all of those options. You can read the textbooks, do the practical application through exercises or listen to the audios on an mP3 or in your car.

What also makes this product something new is that to get the most out of it you have to actually hit the field. It forces you to practice. The exercises build on one another within each chapter. If you’re working on, say, touching, this book will have you planning out when you should touch, showing you the escalation process and have you tracking where and when to do it. Each date you’ll progress more and more and learn as you go along.

What I want to use

The PUA date templates are ingenious. For example, instead of going on a pressure-filled date you can, according to this book, bring a girl out with you and your friends. This is called a social_circle date. (The authors go into how to set this up in the audios, and the workbook helps you to build it.) This puts the onus on her to impress you (and your friends). That could be a game-changer.

How you prepare your place for seduction can sometimes be a deal-break or -maker. Did you know the one place in your house that she will always look before sex that can totally influence her decision? I doubt any PUA on date would think of these spots. Crazy indepth!

Take a look at the product page below to see more from this PUA date masterpiece. I highly recommend it!

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