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Picking up while traveling

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Ever notice how when you travel, you seem to hook up more (whether that’s more frequently or with hotter girls, or both) than you do being in your hometown? This is something I’ve heard other guys talk about too, and I think there are a couple of reasons why…


The fact that you’re traveling means two things: increased anonymity and decreased social consequences. To put that in normal terms, you’re playing with lower stakes so you can afford to take more risks. You’re not worried about anyone seeing you get rejected, or hitting on the friend of a girl you’re kinda seeing. Being in a new environment ignites that part of your brain that tells you “Fuck it, just do it! What’s the worst that could happen?”

For example two of my best friends and I were on a beach in Dubai, gazing at this unbelievably gorgeous girl sun-baking in a tiny bikini. Oh, and she was with her parents. What’s funny is that in Sydney I probably wouldn’t have considered approaching, but being in a foreign country somehow made it easier for me to run after her, introduce myself to the mother and father and tell this girl I found her incredibly striking (Mum loved me, Daddy… not so much). These ridiculous situations remind us that women are very attracted to confidence, even if it’s flirting with the boundary of social intelligence!

Storytelling & Identity

I think another element that adds to the appeal of a traveler is storytelling & identity. For the most part, people who travel tend to have cool stories that show high value – whether they’re funny, crazy or just interesting, cool stories let the girl paint a picture of you being a cool guy with an interesting lifestyle. Having travel being a big aspect of your identity tells her a lot of good things about you. You’re probably unpredictable, spontaneous, adventurous, and brave. Also, you possess high social intelligence and you can navigate your way through anything life throws at you. Telling stories about the time you went volcano boarding in Nicaragua, or how you talked your way out of a tricky situation, or why spending New Years Eve in Cancun was one of the best nights of your life, will definitely score you points in attraction.


This one is interesting. If you think about why being a challenge is attractive, or why having an interesting identity is so intriguing to girls, one answer to those questions is novelty. Women love ‘new’ and ‘exciting’. Most guys are not challenging, and they don’t have interesting identities. There are a million other examples but the common theme is that if you can differentiate yourself and be seen as an interesting, new and exciting guy, the woman is naturally going be attracted to you and the novelty of you. To illustrate, I remember the first time I went to New York and attended Future’s bootcamp (unbelievable experience, the guy changes lives and turns ordinary guys into rockstars for a living), and I met a girl on the second night of in-field who was fascinated by my Australian accent, unusual hairstyle and identity as a traveler. The novelty of these worked so well because it was new for her, and that’s exciting. She was my first same night lay.


With these three things in mind – Confidence, Storytelling & Identity, and Novelty – it’s no surprise that many guys seem to have more success with girls while traveling. Next time you’re out, consider the above and know that you can be just as confident, exciting and adventurous without having to travel the world (although if you did, that would help!)