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Night Game Tactics for Daytime Dating

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If you’ve been doing Day Game for a while, sometimes you may find yourself hitting a plateau, losing motivation or simply needing a way to switch things up a little. I sure do.
This article focuses on three things we do in night game to build attraction and solidify the connection.

Locking- In

Moving Her

Time- Bridging

When the lights are off, i.e. in night game, it is pretty much mandatory that you tick off these three boxes throughout the course of the interaction (unless you enjoy making your work harder for yourself… you don’t, right?). During the daytime however, you can get away with skipping these, and that’s where switching it up can help your Day Game sets in an interesting way.

Locking in

When you approach a group at night, you want to lock- in very quickly. Why? Because assuming the most comfortable position of the group is dominant behaviour and alpha males don’t stand uncomfortably in awkward positions. Taking advantage of your window to lock- in creates the perception that she is hitting on you, and establishes the frame that she is in your space. Now this, thrown into the mix with you leading the conversation and her reacting to you, generates attraction.


Locking- in isn’t so common during the day, but if you see a street-light or a wall nearby, definitely use it.

Moving her

Another night game tactic that I have found helps with daytime approaches is moving the girl. This one is a little advanced, though. You’re testing her compliance and although it’s risky, it can be a good gauge for how much she likes you – a woman who follows your lead means good things 😉

Here are three ways to do it:

Move her – after a minute or so if she’s enjoying the interaction say “Let’s stand over here” and guide her a couple meters away to a different spot while still talking.

Walk with her – after you have some attraction, say “You’re walking this way? Ok let’s walk for a little”. While you’re talking, stop in a new location (maybe with something to lock in against) and continue the interaction. This builds compliance, comfort and time in-set which builds even more comfort.

Grab a seat – grabbing a seat together is a solid indicator or compliance and attraction. The key to this one, again, is to keep talking. For example if she says something that reminds you of a story, you could say “Funny story, actually. Let’s sit down for a minute *move her* So last year when my friends and I decided to…”

Time Bridging

Those among you who have read Mr M and Braddock’s The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game know that a phone number is merely a chance at a date, therefore the more excited she is to see you again, the more solid that phone number becomes.
Instead of simply “getting her number”, which may work fine, time- bridging means dropping hints or ‘seeds’ into the conversation about cool and interesting things you’re doing over the next couple of days. If she is interested in something your doing, this allows you to invite her along and show her your world.
Consider these two guys:

Guy 1: I really liked talking to you… Can I buy you dinner sometime?
Girl: Umm, I guess so.
Guy 1: So can I have your number?


Guy 2: Have you been to a board game cafe before?
Girl: No?
Guy 2: There’s one downtown it’s awesome. You walk in and there’s these cool Asian decorations all over the place, they do the best smoothies there and the best part is you can actually play boardgames while you sit down and drink! They have Jenga – which I would probably kick your ass at – and a bunch of other stuff there too.
Girl: That sounds like so much fun!
Guy 2: Yeah I was gonna go on Wednesday, you should come. Let’s exchange phone numbers.

Can you see how time- bridging solidifies that number so much more?

So there you have it – three night game tactics for day game. These usually aren’t taught to beginners starting out in day game, but they’re great ways to challenge yourself and mix things up a little when you’re meeting beautiful women during the day.