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Run Out of Things To Say – PUA

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Ever run out of things to say PUA while talking to a beautiful woman? Running out of things to say was a big sticking point for me, and it still pops up every now and then.

A great way to overcome this is by preparing statements that not only bump up your interaction time, but build value for you too. These can be I- statements mentioning something cool or interesting that you do, or a statement about her/ other people that let’s her know you are observant/ socially intelligent.


For example:

“I love travel, it’s my biggest passion. Nothing expands your mind more than seeing the world and feeling out different cultures. It shifts your entire perspective, I love that.”

“You know what, I bet your friends and family sometimes ask you why you’re still single but the funny thing is, the more confident you are and the more you know what you want, the harder it is to find someone who meets your standards. What do you think?”

In the first example I say that I love to travel, but more importantly I talk about WHY I love to travel. From here it is easy for me to qualify her or ask her a question so that she can contribute to the conversation too. The more value you build, the stronger the platform is for you to qualify and continue the interaction. Similarly, the second example builds value too by showing that I understand why many beautiful women are still single – flipping the frame from “I can’t find someone” to “I haven’t found someone who meets my standards yet”. This implies that I am single for the same reason – thus I am preselected and challenging.

Keeping the conversation going becomes a little easier when you have little value statements such as these to throw in. So how do you make your own? In IVS 63: Conversation Techniques, (First 10 mins posted there.) Starlight uses a great formula called “Statement, Reflection, Question”.

For example:

(Statement)“I love New York. (Reflection) You know what’s interesting about that city? The first time I went over there, people told me that New Yorkers were really cold. But I realized that they’re just busy, so if someone stops you in the street, you’d better have something good to say! I’m from Australia though so I’m used to everyone being friendly. (Question) Have you been to New York?”

Filling the conversation with content like this paints the picture of you being a cool and interesting guy who travels, understands people and navigates social situations with ease – all attractive characteristics. If you are getting stuck for what to say a few minutes in, 7 minutes in or 10 minutes in and you want to solidify those phone numbers a little more, this model will help you lengthen the interaction. Never run out of things to say PUA again!