Due to the sheer volume of email, tweets, and facebook messages I receive on a daily basis, I’m afraid I am unable to respond to requests for free advice. It would also be unfair to my paying customers who take a Day Game Workshop, Bootcamp or 1-on-1 training with me.

If you have taken a program with me in the past and are looking for specific follow-up advice, please post your question on The Lounge and email me the link to it (

In the meantime, I would try the following if you are looking for advice and support:

  1. Consider taking a program with Love Systems (contact my manager to find out more about prices and scheduling).
  2. Read Daytime Dating or listen to our Interview Series.
  3. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and this blog.
  4. Search There is a mass of good advice on there, particular from Love Systems instructors.
  5. Consider applying for an internship with me. Check the announcements section of the forum for any available positions.

For media or other business enquiries, contact me at

Good luck,

Jeremy Soul