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Be Better Than Everyone Else

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“Be Better Than Everyone Else.”


These words are written in shitty writing, magnetized on my refrigerator door (see above). My room mate wrote this the first year we moved in together and I think it’s the best thing that could possibly be there. This is a motto I try to live by and I think that everyone else should be doing so as well and has been something I’ve been wanting to write about for a long time.


However, there’s a caveat in understanding that I want to point out that might not be obvious to everyone. When my room mate wrote this, we discussed it too and it really got me fired up. The first way you can interpret this is: I am better than you, you are inferior to me, I am perfect. Stuff along those lines that is completely coming from a position where you aren’t stable in yourself and have to use others and put others down for you to have your own worth.


But here’s the way I want everyone to interpret it: Think you’re the most badass person around, be completely confident in your abilities to handle any shit life throws your way, but don’t think you’re better or above anyone. You should think everything you do is amazing, your life full of excitement, and yourself as passionate. Why wouldn’t you think that? You’re the only person you HAVE to be around forever anyway.


This is how you get amazing at telling stories. This is how you know you handle any woman you meet. This is how you know you can accomplish whatever you set your sights on. It’s simply knowing your capabilities and true potential and understanding that you are an interesting and exciting person, even if you don’t see it.


This goes so much further than dating, game, and meeting women, but it’ll help you there too. I realized recently that this is how I pass like 90% of shit tests women give me, and I didn’t even notice that’s how I did it. I’ve got this amazing scarf that I wear during the cold seasons and I look really good in it. Like, I’d bang me. But I know that guys don’t wear scarves as often, so when I’m talking to women nine out of ten times they’re going to try and tease me about wearing a scarf in some fashion. It’s them flirting, but if I react poorly, it’s going to go nowhere for me. So every time I get something from them, I just look at them quizzically and always say something like “Are you blind? I look fucking good in this scarf!” Honestly, it’s nothing fancy or super witty (of course I could use some line that’s funnier) but the girls always buy in to it (partly because it’s true) and partly because I’m so into it myself. I think it’s cool and that’s why I’m wearing it. Usually even the fairly blunt line I said gets laughs because I’m acting so appalled that they’d even think of me as not attractive.


This is usually where I get those looks from women along the lines of “WHO is this guy and WHY is he this confident in himself?” But the secret is what I told you guys above. I think I’m the most badass person there is around, but I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. Of course there’s a million other cool people in the world, but I don’t spend my time wishing I were anyone else or had anything else than what I already do. And the more I go out there and kick ass at life, the more fulfilled and happy I will be with myself.


So I hope you guys understand that it isn’t an overnight process, but is definitely one of the “fake it until you make it” type things you can do. You should think you’re the best person around, because what else do you have to choose from? Being unhappy with yourself? Fuck that, life is too short for you to be unhappy and think negative thoughts. As I’m writing this, I’m waiting to go to a costume party in a Green Lantern costume that’s too tight for me to wear underwear in, and I know I’m going to get some shit from women tonight. But you know what? I’m completely confident in myself and that I can handle any situation I’m thrown in to. And so are you.