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Ron Burgundy – ‘Anchorman’

We can learn a lot from the Anchorman and his charm with the opposite sex. He speaks fluent Spanish, can tame a bear and plays a mean jazz flute. Oh, and having an apartment smelling of rich mahogany must work exceptionally well when Ron pulls women home to ‘see his leather-bound books’ – excellent seed.

“I want to be on you” #Direct game by Burgundy 

 Alex Hitchins – ‘Hitch

Alex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens is a professional dating coach. Aside from his pre-selection scoring off the charts, he displays high social intuition, humour and a magnetic charisma that few women can resist. But then again if you look like Will Smith, do you really need game anyway?


 “Any man can sweep any woman off her feet… He just needs the right broom”

 Steve Stifler – ‘American Pie’

He may be a perverted womanizer, but nice guys finish last and Steve Stifler is not one of those guys. Stifler is the typical jock – a star player in the Lacrosse team, hilarious, and an asshole. He lives in his own reality, and despite his constant desire to brag he is totally self-satisfied. If anyone personifies the expression ‘Blow me or blow me out’, it’s this guy.

“Let’s relax. Take things slow. And let the good times roll”#LMR by Stifler

Van Wilder – ‘Van Wilder: Party Liaison’

Van Wilder represents the ultimate social connector. In the film he spends seven years dodging graduation and instead cultivating an enviable social life that makes him the king of his campus. He displays a great mix of teasing and warm & fuzzy attraction with his target – a smoking hot journalist who happens to have a boyfriend (never an issue for Ryan Reynolds)

“Are you stalking me? Because that would be super”

 Bond – ‘Casino Royale’

Bond – the epitome of un-reactiveness and ultimate ladies man. He has style, wit and a wardrobe to envy. Studies have shown certain lifestyle interests to be more attractive to women than others, for example rock-climbing (attractive) vs Pokèmon (not so much). For a man who is an international spy, an expert with mixed drinks, a master poker player and who drives at roughly 4 times the speed limit, it’s no surprise that James Bond has game.

 “You just said you can’t wait to get me back up to the room. Let’s go” #Misinterpretation by Bond

 Hank Moody – ‘Californication’

Last but not least, Hank Moody. The self- loathing, impulsive and brutally honest LA writer is a ladies man in the truest sense. He is the child that plays and the adult that seduces, enjoying a sex life that most men would probably define as super active. Throughout the series we can identify his skills in frame control and social intuition. It takes balls to not give a fuck, which Hank pulls off while balancing his assholish nature with a genuine love and appreciation for women.

“A few things I’ve learned in my travels though this crazy little thing called life. One: A morning of awkwardness is far better than a night of loneliness”

Watching these films/ tv shows while observing their relevance to game is interesting. Although the characters are fictional, they all display a unique combination of the attraction switches listed in Magic Bullets. Getting better with women involves changing some behaviours and mindsets, and these are great guys to observe and steal some ideas from!