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“Think about the freedom you would feel if you could see a girl that you are genuinely interested in, approach her, have a great conversation, and create serious attraction whenever and wherever you want. The first step to getting to this point is to meet Jeremy Soul.”
– JD, Day Game Workshop client

Jeremy Soul is widely recognized as the foremost authority on meeting and attracting women during the daytime, aka Day Game. He is the creator of the Love Systems Day Game Workshop, the author of Daytime Dating, and is one of the most respected and admired Dating Coaches and Pick Up Artists in the world.

In the past few years, Jeremy has directly impacted the lives of thousands of men (and indeed women) around the world through his live workshops, speeches, writings and products. Jeremy has helped men of all ages, backgrounds and professions to reclaim their masculinity, improve their sex lives, find high quality girlfriends, and reignite the passion in their relationships. He was voted No. 1 instructor at the Love Systems Superconference in 2008 (and No. 2 in 2009) in light of his dedication and passion for helping others to obtain the dating life they always dreamed of.

Jeremy’s exploits in love and sex are the stuff of romance novels, and at times, R rated movies. Applying a carpe diem mentality to dating, he knows that beautiful women can be met anywhere and anytime – not just at night in bars and clubs – and has had amorous encounters with women of extraordinary beauty and character in every corner of the globe.


Jeremy didn’t always have the skills and lifestyle he has now. He is a self-confessed introvert and began his journey of self-improvement over a decade ago. Having achieved freedom in his dating and social life, it has now become his crusade to help others to do the same.

Jeremy’s career history before joining Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method) as a full-time Dating Coach includes working as a recruitment consultant in the financial services industry, a marketing executive in the jewellery and chemical industries, and an assistant psychologist in mental healthcare. He has a Bsc in Psychology from University College London, one of the most highly reputed academic institutions in the UK.

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, reading, dancing and learning new skills.

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Selected Reviews

“Once the seminar portion started, the thing that struck me was that he was teaching us how to communicate with women in a natural and genuine way. He gave no routines other than examples of how to open, and then it was all about tips on what to talk about. Jeremy’s approach seems to be about using “mastery topics” rather than carefully rehearsed stories, games or tactics. A large proportion of the emphasis was about knowing our own passions and experiences so that we can use them to connect with women. He also gave examples of what he says/does and even openly talked about the times that he did things wrong and how he recovered which enabled us to avoid the same mistakes and/or learn how to recover.”

SC – Full review

“Before I get into anything, I want to mention that a couple days ago I went on a date with one of the girls I met during the workshop. It was the first of what should be dates with several women I met last weekend, and I’m happy to say I sealed the deal on the first date. This was my first time sleeping with a woman I met through a daytime cold approach.”

FY – Full review

“Jeremy is one of those people you meet and you know you are in the presence of greatness. His confidence and body language shine through in a manner that commands your attention when he speaks and is the most engaging teacher I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Everything is broken down into steps that are so simple and easy I had no problem following him. The instructors are not just really friendly, they give you precious feedback and push you to step out of your comfort zone. It’s an amazing feeling.”

TP – Full review

“The thing that I really respect about Jeremy is that he is a complete gentleman and an advocate of being yourself around woman without using routine stacks or telling any lies whatsoever. He basically teaches a method to honestly and openly express your feelings and desires to women… and let me tell you, THEY RESPOND! In fact, if my grandmother was sitting at the back of the classroom when Jeremy was teaching, I’m sure she would completely approve of the material being presented. It is natural game at its finest.”

JD – Full review

“This is a man whom I respect and credit with showing me what was possible in terms of meeting women in the daytime. I have not met anyone with the same sort of skill that he has in the cold light of day, unless they are people that he has trained personally.”

Mr M, Director of Love Systems Europe

“This guy is a master at day game.”

TSB Magazine

“The quintessential charmer, Jeremy’s unassuming and laidback vibe puts you, and the girls around him, immediately at ease. He approaches women without letting his ego get in the way and that’s a big part of his success.”

The Asian Rake